Jake Louro


Specializations/Areas of Expertise

Fat loss

Ideal Clients

General Population
Those Looking to Achieve and Maintain Sustainable Fat Reduction


I am obsessed with all things movement, nutrition, and really anything related to being as healthy and happy as possible. I have been helping people live healthier, happier lives since I was 18 years old. I am extremely grateful to have found my passion at such a young age! Ever since I took on my first client over 15 years ago, I have not stopped reading, listening and researching everything I can possibly get my hands on.

One of my personal goals is to never lose sight of this passion and to continue learning and improving my ability to help others. I am constantly inspired by people who have mastered the ability to move their bodies. I seek these people out and learn as much as possible from them. I make it a point to live my life with the intention and hope that others will be inspired by me.

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