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Welcome to PEX Health and Fitness, where elite health and wellness services converge with entrepreneurial spirit. Our facilities are not just fitness studios; they are dynamic hubs where top-tier independent fitness professionals gather to offer their expert services. Specializing in functional fitness, rehabilitation training, and comprehensive allied healthcare, we provide both private and semi-private settings tailored to all ages, skill sets, and abilities.

Our state-of-the-art studios, equipped with the finest functional training equipment, serve as the perfect backdrop for these skilled coaches to operate their private businesses. By fostering a community of dedicated experts, PEX Health and Fitness stands as a beacon of innovation in health, fitness, and wellness, inspiring a new narrative in personal achievement and holistic well-being.

PEX |pecks| (abbr. “pex”)

acronym for “Premier Entrepreneurial Experience”

1. Premier Entrepreneurial Experience: As a premier platform, PEX prioritizes the coach, creating a model that allows for unmatched revenue potential, professional autonomy, and comprehensive operational support, fostering an environment where the finest fitness professionals can provide top-tier services.

2. Personalized Exercise: At PEX, we are dedicated to crafting fitness experiences that cater specifically to the individual’s journey. Every service is a testament to our commitment to detail, quality, and the unique aspirations of each member. This dedication ensures a fitness experience that is as distinct and dynamic as our clientele.

3. Persistence. Empowerment. Excellence: This triad of values encapsulates the culture at PEX. Persistence in every challenge, empowerment through every endeavor, and a relentless pursuit of excellence define the spirit of our community. Together, they form the guiding principles that drive our community and services.

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