At PEX, we don’t subscribe to a “one size fits all” approach. We embrace a fitness landscape where uniqueness is celebrated and diverse styles meet. Here, individuality and community unite, empowering you to pursue fitness in your own way — together.

Our Story

At PEX, we are redefining the fitness landscape by housing a diverse collective of independent fitness and healthcare professionals, each offering a unique array of services and styles. Our specialty lies in providing functional fitness training, rehabilitation training, and allied healthcare services, delivered in both private and semi-private settings. We believe in the power of movement as a transformative medicine — essential, enjoyable, and engaging for everyone.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the design of our facilities. We create beautiful, energizing training spaces equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, ensuring an inspiring and motivating environment for every session. It’s more than aesthetics; it’s about creating a place where you feel as good as you look, and where the quality of your training experience is enhanced.

PEX stands as a revolutionary platform where the best and most qualified professionals converge. Our partners are independent business owners, each bringing their distinct expertise and style to the PEX community. This diversity allows us to cater to a wide array of health, fitness, and wellness goals, ensuring that every client’s journey is personal and supported by the best in the field.

Our unique business model is what sets PEX apart. Every coach at PEX is not just a part of our community; they are entrepreneurial leaders of their own businesses. This structure provides them with the autonomy to innovate and the flexibility to offer tailored services, all while being part of a supportive and thriving collective. It’s a partnership that allows for personal growth, creative freedom, and a shared commitment to excellence, benefiting both the coaches and their clients.

At PEX, we are passionate about fostering positive, long-term relationships with everyone who walks through our doors. We are dedicated to a vision of collective success and individual empowerment, making PEX the ultimate destination for both professional growth and personal fitness.

michael campanella pex health and fitness


Michael Campanella

I’ve dedicated my adult life to the world of fitness, navigating an extensive journey as both a professional athlete and a personal trainer. My experience spans thousands of hours in training and rehabilitation across a spectrum of environments—from the precision of physical therapy clinics and the rigor of collegiate weight rooms to the raw energy of mixed martial arts gyms. Competing at every level, I’ve immersed myself in the physical and mental challenges of diverse training disciplines, gaining invaluable insights along the way.

With over 30,000 hours of personal training under my belt, I’ve honed my skills in a variety of settings, including state-of-the-art performance centers, gritty boxing and MMA gyms, and exclusive boutique studios. My career has seen me as both a W2 employee and a 1099 independent contractor, providing me with a broad perspective on the fitness industry’s operational models. This varied exposure, coupled with my dual perspective as both client and coach, led me to a critical realization: the existing models failed to adequately address the needs of both clients and coaches. I saw this not just as a challenge, but as an opportunity for innovation.

I firmly believe that revolutionizing the personal training experience starts with prioritizing the coach. By creating the ultimate environment—equipping it with top-tier resources, offering unmatched support, and developing the most rewarding revenue model—we empower coaches to provide exceptional service. When coaches are given precedence, they, in turn, are positioned to prioritize their clients, creating a symbiotic relationship where everyone thrives.

Driven by a desire to disrupt and elevate the personal training industry, I founded PEX Health and Fitness. My vision is to establish a community where coaches are empowered and clients are celebrated, fostering a culture of excellence and pride. At PEX, we’re not just building a gym; we’re cultivating a legacy of health, empowerment, and shared success.

michael campanella pex health and fitness

Bianca Cira

General Manager

From childhood on Cape Cod through my adult life in Boston, I have always held a high standard for myself when it comes to health and wellness. I was an athlete as a young adult and my passion for athleticism has translated into learning and applying myself in a gym setting. I have been involved in the fitness industry, both as a client and as an executive, in the Greater Boston area for over 10 years.

After achieving an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology and Psychology from UMass Boston, I pursued my interest in business and obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the Extension School at Harvard University. Learning the business model of PEX has opened my mind to a new way of thinking about work, my career and the approach I am taking to developing myself as a professional while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Like many of us, I had time to self-reflect while the entire world navigated a pandemic. I have always been a hard worker, and it has always been easy for me to forget how important freedom and flexibility are for me to maintain productivity and creativity in my day-to-day life, especially when it comes to work.

Working as the General Manager of PEX has been a fantastic and unique experience. The team here is top-level. We all contribute to an exceptional community as individual business owners who share similar passions and values, in a first-class gym setting. We have flexibility to build our own schedules, autonomy to run our own businesses, and the freedom to seek fulfillment through other avenues, both professionally and recreationally, outside of PEX. I am excited to watch PEX grow and prosper, and privileged to support the advancement of such an excellent organization.

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