About PEX

PEX Health and Fitness is an elite, appointment based personal training studio with locations in Needham, MA and Medfield, MA.

About PEX

We specialize in functional fitness and rehabilitation training in a private, or semi-private, setting. We subscribe to the notion that movement is medicine, everyone needs to move well, and incorporating movement into your lifestyle should be fun.

We take pride in the look and feel of our facilities. We understand that when you look good, you feel good, and the same can be said about the environment in which you train. To that end, we build beautiful training spaces equipped with top-of-the-line functional training equipment, to ensure that you feel energized, inspired and motivated during your training sessions.

We have selected some of the best and most qualified trainers to represent PEX. They come from a range of backgrounds and specialties, and their contribution to PEX provides us with the ability to assist any client in reaching any health, fitness or wellness goals they may have. PEX is passionate about developing positive, long-term relationships with everyone who walks through our doors. Our program options are flexible and built personally for every client we take on.

In addition to our dedication to cleanliness and commitment to excellence, what separates PEX from traditional gyms is the structure of our business. Every coach who works at PEX owns and operates their own business. We firmly believe that this model gives each PEX coach the ability to maintain autonomy and exercise creative liberty while allowing them to maximize revenue and avoid many of the obligations associated with owning and operating a business on their own.

michael campanella pex health and fitness

The Driving Force

Desire For Improvement

Mike has spent his entire adult life in gym settings. As an athlete, he performed countless hours training, and rehabbing, in a variety of environments. From sterile physical therapy clinics, high end training facilities, to grungy mixed martial arts gyms, Mike has experienced more than most.

As a working adult, Mike has worked at state-of-the-art performance training centers, boxing & mixed martial arts gyms, and small personal training studios. He has been employed both as a W2’d employee, and a 1099’d independent contractor. From this varied exposure to different businesses, both as a client and coach, Mike understood that he could disrupt the personal training model; that he could simultaneously improve the experiences of the client and the coach. (And that there was a need for it!)

Contrary to how most owners operate their personal training businesses, Mike realized that the single best way to improve the personal training experience was to put the coach first, not the client. By putting the coach first – building the best facility, outfitting it with the best equipment, providing the most comprehensive support, and building the most lucrative revenue model in the industry, Mike understood that the coach would be in the most optimal position to offer their clients the best training experience possible. By putting the coach first, the coach can put their clients first, and everybody wins.

This desire to be a disruptor, and to systematically improve the personal training industry, is the driving force behind opening PEX Health and Fitness. It is his primary goal to build a studio where coaches are proud to work and their clients want to be a part of their business growth.

Bianca Cira

General Manager

From childhood on Cape Cod through my adult life in Boston, I have always held a high standard for myself when it comes to health and wellness. I was an athlete as a young adult and my passion for athleticism has translated into learning and applying myself in a gym setting. I have been involved in the fitness industry, both as a client and as an executive, in the Greater Boston area for over 10 years.

After achieving an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology and Psychology from UMass Boston, I pursued my interest in business and obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the Extension School at Harvard University. Learning the business model of PEX has opened my mind to a new way of thinking about work, my career and the approach I am taking to developing myself as a professional while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Like many of us, I had time to self-reflect while the entire world navigated a pandemic. I have always been a hard worker, and it has always been easy for me to forget how important freedom and flexibility are for me to maintain productivity and creativity in my day-to-day life, especially when it comes to work.

Working as the General Manager of PEX has been a fantastic and unique experience. The team here is top-level. We all contribute to an exceptional community as individual business owners who share similar passions and values, in a first-class gym setting. We have flexibility to build our own schedules, autonomy to run our own businesses, and the freedom to seek fulfillment through other avenues, both professionally and recreationally, outside of PEX. I am excited to watch PEX grow and prosper, and privileged to support the advancement of such an excellent organization.

michael campanella pex health and fitness

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