7 Things You Should Know Before Meeting With Your Trainer For The First Time

Katie Woodilla

Are you nervous about your first training experience? Does the idea of working with someone in a one-on-one setting freak you out?

Whether you have been with a trainer for years or are brand new, here are some points to keep in mind before signing on.

1: Fitness is a Journey, Not an Overnight Sensation

No matter what goals you may have, it is important to know that nothing in fitness happens overnight. For many, it may be a few weeks before they start seeing progress. When someone begins training, a lot of the changes occur on a physiological level, too small for anyone to notice. Committing to your routine + adopting specific lifestyle/diet changes = physical adaptations.

2: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Education is everything – taking the time to understand WHAT it is you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it will benefit your entire experience. Not only will you feel more confident in your workout, but you’ll also be more likely to perform better in each exercise you’re performing.

3: Every Body Is Different

Everyone has a different set of genetic and physiological responses that lend to their exercise regimes. If I were to give Person A and Person B the same workouts for 6 weeks and they each worked at the same respective intensity, each of them would respond differently. Person A might lose 10lb while Person B stayed right where they started. This is the ultimate perk of working with someone one-on-one, because it guarantees a customized plan that tailors your specific needs and goals.

4: Worry ONLY About You

In line with #3, Person A’s fitness journey is going to be 100% different than Person B no matter how similar their programs are. Maximizing your training sessions so that YOU feel confident and feel like your goals are being accomplished are all that should matter to you.

5: Understand Your Own Limitations

This goes especially for people who have never trained before or are coming back from a fitness hiatus/injury/significant time away from the gym. Your body is more than likely not going to be able to perform at the level you think it is going to be able to as you are getting settled into a routine. Start slow with your trainer and find out where your body can go.

6: There’s No One Size Fits All

Person A and Person B are both looking to lose weight and gain muscle. Just because they have the exact same goals does NOT mean that they will be given the same routine. The key here is in discussing your health and exercise history, any pre-existing conditions you may have, your schedule, and other varying external factors with your trainer. Again, the beauty of working with a personal trainer is that it’s geared toward YOU and only YOU.

7: Find Ways to Make Exercise Fun!

Some people love boxing, some people love running, some people love picking things up and putting them down. The list goes on and on! Building up the intrinsic motivation to exercise regularly comes from the pure enjoyment of what you are doing for your workout. Even if it is a challenge, the joy you get from completing your workout is what ignites the WANT to come back and do it again. Communicating properly with your trainer will allow them to tailor your routine with exercises/styles you enjoy to assist in your progression. A person who enjoys running every day consistently won’t necessarily look forward to a training session that involves tai chi.

Like any relationship, communication is essential to ensuring the health and longevity of the partnership. You and your trainer are a team – working together will, no doubt, get you to where you want to be in no time. It may seem scary to step out of your comfort zone and meet with a personal trainer/licensed fitness professional, but trust me, it will be worth every second!

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