Keyterr Pavon


Specializations/Areas of Expertise

Weight loss, corrective exercise, functional training, strength and endurance training, flexibility, injury prevention

Ideal Clients

I’m fairly versatile and I work with people of all ages and abilities. An ideal type of client is typically someone looking to lose weight, build strength, work on mobility/flexibility, prevent or recover from injury.


I’ve always led an active lifestyle. Growing up, I enjoyed running and playing basketball to keep myself fit. However, I also noticed that exercise maintained my mental health and I wanted to motivate those who had not yet discovered this stability in their own lives.

For over 19 years I’ve been a certified personal trainer in the Wellesley, Needham and Newton areas and my client list is as diverse as my training methods. My expertise in functional training has helped clients of all ages lose weight, recover from injuries, improve their golf and tennis game, and increase their overall strength and endurance. I love to help my clients set and achieve sustainable goals and I value the experience of being part of their transformations into strong and confident individuals.

I believe the key to attaining good health and wellness is finding a balance between exercise, nutrition while enjoying life.