Why It is Important to Build Muscle (especially as we age)!

  1. Improved Strength & Enhanced Bone Density: Building muscle increases overall strength, making daily tasks easier and reducing the risk of injury during physical activities. Resistance training also improves bone density, which helps to prevent osteoporosis, a common age-related issue.
  2. Metabolic Health & Disease PreventionMuscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat tissue, leading to a higher resting metabolic rate, which aids in weight management. Building muscle can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. Stronger muscles help to regulate blood sugar levels more effectively, reducing the risk of diabetes and related complications. Engaging in regular muscle-building exercises can improve immune function, helping the body to fend off illness more effectively.
  3. Injury Prevention, Posture Protection & Enhanced Mobility: Stronger muscles contribute to better balance and coordination, reducing the likelihood of falls and related injuries in older adults. Strengthened muscles help to support and protect joints, reducing the risk of arthritis and joint pain. Stronger muscles, especially in the back and core, contribute to improved posture, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal problems and chronic pain. Building muscle helps to maintain and improve flexibility and range of motion, which are essential for maintaining function as we age.
  4. Improved mental health & Improved cognitive function: Exercise, including resistance training, is linked to better mood, reduced stress, and lower rates of depression and anxiety.  Regular exercise, including strength training, has been associated with better cognitive function, including memory, attention, and executive function.
  5. Increased longevity: In conclusion, studies have shown that individuals with more muscle mass tend to have a longer life expectancy and lower risk of premature death.

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