The Seven Commandments of Motivation

Is Your Mindset Setting You Up for Success?

Tips and Strategies to Change your Mindset for Success!

By Nichole Wood, head trainer and owner of NW Fitness.

I think it is safe to say that each and every one of us has run into the problem of not feeling motivated- especially with the current state of the world. “Motivation” and mindset are arguably the baseline of what sets successful people apart from the rest. You can’t tackle your diet or your fitness effectively the you’re at war with your mind every single day. We have all been blessed with a time that has allowed us to slow down and take a rest from hustle culture. I invite you to take a look at the internal conversations you have, judgments you make, the way you treat yourself in general. Is your mindset setting you up for success?
1. When in doubt walk it out
If you are in a rut, feel overwhelmed, don’t know what to for a workout, or just plain don’t wanna- take a walk! Walking is EXTREMELY therapeutic (especially if you can leave your technology at home) and will give you a chance to refresh and clear your head.

Try committing yourself to just ten minutes of walking. If you are already in your groove I bet after the ten minutes are up you’ll feel more motivated to accomplish something else!
2. Have a plan of action for WHEN you want to give up
We all know it’s going to happen eventually. You are not a motivation machine 24/7. Humans all have lazy days and periods where motivation is low. What separates the successful is that they have a plan for when they don’t have motivation

Mine is a yoga video, yours can be whatever you LIKE to do that is also considered physical activity. A walk outside with your dog, a youtube video, get creative! This plan can and probably will change as you grow and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. The important thing is you have a plan.
3. The more colorful your plate the better
This is an awesome rule of thumb when you are in a social situation and want to still make healthy choices. I always love to make my plate as colorful as possible. Generally the more colorful your food is (fruits, veggies) the more nutrient dense it is. Things like chips, crackers, pasta, regular, potatoes are bland looking and not very nutritious. Also colorful food is way nicer to look at 😉
4. Add don’t subtract
The brain wants EXACTLY what it is we tell it we can’t have. Did you tell yourself no sweets after dinner this week? I guarantee at 9pm midway through your Netflix binge the only. damn. thing. on your mind is that chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

Instead of swearing off anything and everything indulgent I might tell myself I can have some ice cream and ADD two protein balls that I already have prepared in the freezer. That turns my chocolate-y, carb-y, sugary desert into a bit more balanced, macro friendly snack. Win/win for all and my brain doesn’t think I just deprived myself.
5. Celebrate wins
What good is crushing your goal if the only thing that’s going through your head is “well that’s only 5lbs, I still have SO much more to go” “I don’t deserve this yet” “nobody got time to celebrate”

Booooring!! Treat yo’self you deserve it!! This goes deep deep into brain psychology. Every single time we celebrate a success or a win the brain releases endorphins to our body that physically make us feel good. Like the way you feel after the first sip of coffee, or when you see your bestie for the first time in forever. When you feel these endorphins it motivates you to want to do more so you can get a hit of them again! See where I’m going with this?
6. Find a tribe
This goes along with celebrating. Find yourself a group of like minded people who will want to celebrate with you. This can be as simple as a group chat or Facebook group that include other people with similar goals and aspirations to you. Times are tough right now and isolating yourself will only make achieving your goal harder! Your tribe will be there to get you out of a rut, bounce ideas off of, and lend support.
7. Find balance in ALL aspects of health
What good is a “perfect” body if you don’t have friends and loved ones to celebrate with? What good is a lively social life if you don’t feel good in your body? What good is a solid workout routine if you are really unhappy deep down and haven’t worked through the mental stuff yet? Your successes are only as good as the balance around them.

What I mean by this is don’t throw other aspects of your life out of balance to achieve “health” because it ultimately will lead to unhappiness and self sabotage. Remember WHY you are doing this and that your health and fitness is only one aspect of your overall health. Nurture every part to truly find happiness.

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